Financial world is complex and it is important to manage all your stocks well. One such term that you offer here in this field is BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) where you can invest in different trade shares. BSE has a lot as its history, functions and the impact of it on the financial markets.

BSE was established in 1875 and is one of the oldest stock exchanges in Asia. It was originally named as The Native Share and Stock Brokers Association, but after going through several transformations, it finally was named as BSE stock exchange. The BSE has played an important role in shaping the capital market of India and also has contributed to its economic growth.

Functions of the Bombay Stock Exchange:

The main role of the BSE is that it acts as a platform where individuals can buy or sell their securities. Companies looking to raise the capital using the stocks can list their securities on the BSE and then the investors get to trade with those financial tools. The exchange acts as an intermediary that provides transactions and a transparent marketplace to trade.

One of the notable features of the BSE is the Sensex. It comprises many different actively traded stocks representing various sectors and gives an idea about the overall performance on the Indian stock market.

BSE provides you with a wide range of investors by offering different market segments. These include the equity market, where stocks of publicly listed companies are traded, the debt market focusing on government and corporate bonds, and the derivative market allowing investors to engage in futures and options trading. These segments help the investors to choose the stocks wisely and also reduce the risks of any fraud activities.

BSE stock has consistently embraced the technology to enhance the operational efficiency and improve the trading experience. The advancements have attracted many investors, further strengthening the market’s competitiveness and improving the overall economy. The regulations of the BSE aim to ensure fair practices, transparency and provide protection to all the trades between investors. BSE works with rules and regulations made by authorities to maintain the integrity of the market and build trust among its investors.


The BSE stock exchange stands as one of the most trusted India’s financial system with a rich history and a positive impact on the economy of our country. It acts as a platform where companies can raise capital and investors to trade for various securities. But to be an investor or trader you need to have knowledge of some of the basic terms related to the stock market.

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