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The 1982 movie “Poltergeist” is known for its chilling storyline and groundbreaking special effects that captivated audiences worldwide. However, one lesser-known aspect that has sparked controversy and intrigue over the years is the use of real skeletons in certain scenes of the film. This practice, while not unheard of in the entertainment industry, raises ethical questions and has left a lasting mark on the production and reception of “Poltergeist.”

Exploring the Use of Real Skeletons in “Poltergeist”

Historical Context of Special Effects in Film

  1. Evolution of Special Effects:
    • Early Techniques: In the early days of cinema, practical effects were often used, including props and models to simulate realism.
    • Advancements: As filmmaking evolved, techniques such as animatronics, CGI (Computer-Generated Imagery), and advanced prosthetics became commonplace.
  2. Use of Real Skeletons:
    • Industry Practice: Before stringent regulations and ethical considerations, real skeletons were sometimes used in films due to their authenticity and cost-effectiveness.
    • Controversies: The practice became controversial as awareness grew regarding ethical treatment of remains and cultural sensitivities.

“Poltergeist” and Its Controversial Legacy

  1. Production Insights:
    • Director’s Vision: Directed by Tobe Hooper and produced by Steven Spielberg, “Poltergeist” aimed for realism in its portrayal of supernatural phenomena.
    • Cemetery Scene: The most notable use of real skeletons in “Poltergeist” occurs in a scene where characters fall into a muddy pool, uncovering buried remains.
  2. Ethical Concerns:
    • Public Reaction: The revelation that real skeletons were used sparked public outcry and discussions about ethical standards in filmmaking.
    • Impact on Crew: Crew members and actors expressed discomfort upon learning about the use of real skeletons during filming.

Legal and Ethical Standards in Filmmaking

  1. Regulatory Changes:
    • Industry Regulations: Following controversies like those surrounding “Poltergeist,” regulations tightened regarding the use of human remains in film and television.
    • Guidelines: Clear guidelines were established to ensure respectful treatment of remains and adherence to cultural sensitivities.
  2. Cultural and Historical Context:
    • Respect for Diversity: Awareness campaigns and industry initiatives promote respect for cultural and historical sensitivities in media portrayals.
    • Educational Outreach: Filmmakers and studios engage in educational outreach to understand and respect diverse cultural perspectives.

Legacy and Impact on Horror Cinema

  1. Cinematic Influence:
    • Genre Evolution: “Poltergeist” remains a landmark in horror cinema, influencing subsequent films and filmmakers.
    • Artistic Choices: Filmmakers continue to explore themes of supernatural horror while adhering to ethical standards in production.
  2. Audience Perception:
    • Critical Reflection: Viewers and critics reflect on the ethical dilemmas raised by “Poltergeist,” prompting discussions on the responsibilities of filmmakers.

Conclusion: Reflecting on “Poltergeist” and Filmmaking Ethics

“Poltergeist” serves as a poignant example of the ethical complexities in filmmaking, particularly concerning the use of real skeletons. While the film achieved critical acclaim and popularity, its legacy is also marked by controversy and ethical scrutiny. As the entertainment industry progresses, so too does the emphasis on ethical standards, ensuring that films respect cultural sensitivities and uphold dignified treatment of human remains.

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